Premium Bowling is a realistic and easy to play bowling game with multiplayer and virtual reality support.

Available Now in Steam and Oculus Store!

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Gameplay Trailer

Main Features

  • Realistic Physics

    Physics simulation has been tuned to perfection with pro level bowlers. Hit the pocket from the right angle and you'll get a strike, just like in real bowling!

  • Oil Patterns

    Oil patterns are also known as lane conditions. There is a good selection of different oil patterns in Premium Bowling. Oil patterns affect ball reactions and wear down during longer play as the bowling ball carries oil.

  • Virtual Reality

    In addition to traditional mouse and keyboard playing the game supports playing with Oculus Rift and Touch controllers or HTC Vive.

  • Multiplayer

    Local multiplayer and real-time online multiplayer with chat are supported by Premium Bowling.

  • Many Bowling Balls

    There's a good selection of different Bowling Balls. Bowling balls are physically accurate and have different weight, friction, reaction and oil carry behaviours.

  • Tops and Rankings

    Players can compete in daily and weekly top lists in Premium Bowling. We keep tops for games of Ten Pin bowling as well as best 3 series. As a longer term target we have player ranking system that updates once a week.

  • More Coming!

    More Coming

    We aim to make Premium Bowling the best bowling game out there. Connect with us and let's plan more features together!


Top Ranked Players

1 Jester DFW 3173
2 tomi 3133
3 Waltalive 2956
4 Eero 2908
5 Vesa 2873
6 PhRank21 2822
7 davedog5 2801
8 john_mergel 2779
9 Dr_Acula_ 2581
10 ReMarkAble 2579

Week's Ten Pin Top

1 Vesa 300
2 jussirauta 300
3 Jester DFW 299
4 edward157 298
5 tomi 290
6 ADX321 289
7 Ricey 278
8 Bic boi!! 276
9 Brett 269
10 ZoNe-SiNisTeR 269

Week's Series Top

1 Jester DFW 842
2 jussirauta 815
3 tomi 780
4 ADX321 778
5 Vesa 774
6 edward157 747
7 ZoNe-SiNisTeR 747
8 Brett 725
9 john_mergel 677
10 Ricey 670



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